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Last month we released the ability to connect to your LinkedIn Pages and today we are proud to release the ability to post videos to those LinkedIn Pages as well.

In order to post a video to LinkedIn you must first make sure you are connected to your LinkedIn page. You will do that by logging into your account, clicking on Admin, and then Social Networks.

Then you will click on the green connect button next to LinkedIn.

After you have followed the LinkedIn login prompt you will then select the page you wish to connect to from the drop-down menu and then hit Select Page.

Now that your LinkedIn page is connected, you will go to the Dashboard and upload your video.

First, click on Dashboard from the menu.

Then click on the upload button in the Create Post area. After that you will choose the video file you wish to add to your LinkedIn Page.

Once your video has finished uploading you can then add in your post text, choose which platforms you wish the video to go out to, and then when you want to post it. Now, schedule it for up to 7 days out or post it now.

And that's it. Posting videos to LinkedIn Pages or any other platform is super fast and easy.

One Click Location Log In

We made a small feature update that will have a huge impact on resellers.

In the past to log in to a location, you would have to click on the Action Button and then choose log in from the drop-down menu.

Now you will only have to click on the Blue Name and it will take you directly to the location. What once was two clicks is now one.

We hope you enjoy this small feature update that will help speed up your navigation within the software.

How to Add RSS Feeds to Your Schedule

Step 1: You will now notice a new subcategory under the scheduler called RSS feed. Click RSS Feed.

Step 2: Copy the URL of your RSS feed and paste it into the RSS Feed Importer and then hit the Add Feed button.

Step 3: Choose which of your connected social media accounts you want the RSS feed to post to.

We are thrilled to bring you our latest feature, the ability to now post to Facebook Groups from Social Rotation.

Let's go through how this new feature works

Add the Social Rotation App to Your Facebook Group

Before you can do anything you need to Add the Social Rotation App to your Facebook Group. You must be an owner or admin of the Facebook Group in order to add the app.

Step 1: Open Facebook, then select groups from the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Group settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on apps.

Step 4: Click on the Add Apps Button.

Step 5: In the search bar type in Social Rotation and hit enter.

Step 6: Click on the Social Rotation icon.

Step 7: Click on the Blue Add Button

Connect your Facebook Group to Social Rotation

Step 1: Log into your Account and choose Admin from the left-hand menu

Step 2: Click on Social Networks.

Step 3: Click on the Green Refresh Token Button next to Facebook.

Step 4: Choose your Facebook Page and hit the green button.

Step 5: Choose your Facebook Group and hit the green button.

Schedule your Posts to Facebook Groups

Step 1: Click on Schedule and then Rotation

Step 2: Click on the Blue Create New Rotation Content button

Step 3:

A: Select what network you want the posts to go out to.

B. What Content Bucket you want the schedule to pull content from.

C. What days of the week you want your content to post on.

D. What time of the day you want your posts to go out.

E. If you want to watermark the content with your logo.

F. Hit the blue Create Rotation button

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As the first quarter of the year comes to a close I wanted to share with you everything that has been added to Social Rotation in that short amount of time. 

First, let's go through the Done-For-You Content Packs that have been released as well as all of the Canva Templates you now have access to inside of Social Rotation as well as all of the new features added to the software.  

Every month Social Rotation add done for you Social Media Content to the platform. If you have a Social Rotation account, you get access to every single one of these content packs. Each pack starts at 50 images and goes up to 181 images. Social Rotation at the release of this blog post, has 62 done-for-you content packs. Below are our most recent content packs.

Done-For-You Content Added

Sometimes you need more than done-for-you content. Sometimes, you need custom content for your business or your specific event. That's where our Canva templates come into play. Each month we release 1-2 Canva templates that you can customize for your specific needs. Below is a list of the templates released the first quarter of 2022.

Canva Templates Added

We are continually making updates to our software to make it the best social media posting platform on the market. These new features make using the platform easier and make posting content faster and easier for you. Below are all of the added features in the first quarter of this year.

New Features Released

New Feature

Since releasing the option to upload URLs from the Creat Post section of the dashboard, we had some requests to add that feature to the Content Buckets themself and we are happy to oblige. And we added not only URLs but the ability to add gifs to your buckets as well. This means that you can now add blog posts, podcasts, Youtube videos, and gifs to your heart's content.

With adding URLs and Giphy to this area, we also made a few updates to the Content Bucket area. Below I will walk you through how to navigate the new Content Bucket area, how to upload URLs and how to add gifs to your buckets.

How to Content Bucket Dashboard Changed

Logging into a Content Bucket you will notice a slight change in the upper area of that Dashboard. Let me show you what those changes look like.

First, you will notice that we have divided it into two sections. The first section is the Edit Content Bucket area, the second is the Add Content to Bucket area.

Anything that you do in the Edit Content Bucket area will affect the entire bucket. Anything that you do in the Add Content to Bucket, does just that, it will just add content to the bucket you are in.

If you want to expand the Edit Content Bucket area you will click on the arrow on that far right-hand side.

Once the area has been expanded you can edit the name of the bucket and the description.

You can add a first comment (for Facebook only) to all of the content in the buckets. This is a great area to add a website or include your hashtags.

Next, you have the option to add your watermark to the entire content bucket or not.

You also can randomize the content bucket by clicking the blue Randomize button. Clicking that button is like shuffling the content like a deck of cards.

And lastly, if you ever want to delete the entire bucket, you can click on the trashcan in the upper right-hand corner.

How to add a URL to a Content Bucket

  1. From your Content Bucket in the Add Content to Bucket Area you will click on the chain link.

2. Copy and paste your URL in the box and hit the green preview button.

3. Add your Caption and a First Comment (only available for Facebook) if you would like and hit the save button.

And that's it. That is just how easy it is to use the new URL feature inside of the Content Bucket.

How to Add a Giphy to the Content Bucket

  1. This feature is one of the easiest and most fun things to add to any bucket. In order to add a gif simply open your content bucket and click on the Giphy icon.

2. Type in a gif you are looking for and hit the green search bar.

3. Once you have found the gif you would like to use, click on it.

4. Type in your Caption and First Comment (Facebook only option) and hit the green Save button.

You have now successfully added URLs and Gifs to your Content Buckets.

New Feature

This new feature is an exciting one that has been requested by our users and our dev team got to work on making that happen. You are now able to upload URLs straight from the Social Rotation Dashboard. This means that you can now share that blog post, podcast or Youtube video you worked hard to create. We can't wait to show you how easy it is to use.

How to Use the URL Upload

  1. From your Dashbaord, in the upper area you will see a Post Now Section with a chain icon. Click on that chain icon.

2. Copy and paste your URL in the box and hit the green preview button.

3. Add your Caption and a First Comment (only available for Facebook) if you would like. Choose the Social Networks you would like to post to and hit Post Now Button.

And that's it. That is just how easy it is to use the new URL feature inside of Social Rotation. We can't wait to see what you will share with it.

New Features

We recently added a lot of new features to the Social Rotation Agency Bucket area. The purpose of these new features and feature updates is to make it much easier for you to complete tasks inside of Social Rotation. Instead of taking 3 clicks to do something we want it to take 2 or 1.

  • Easily grant access to buckets with two clicks
  • You can now easily see which accounts have access to what buckets with one glance. And if you want to add client access to any of those buckets all you have to do now is click on the pencil, choose which account you want to have access and save. We have really streamlined that process.

    Step 1: Click on the Pencil.

    Step 2: Choose which account you want to have access and hit save

  • New clean design
  • This new bucket area looks more simple and streamlined and was designed to match our post-now area. This new bucket design is optimized to take up less space and allow you to easily navigate from option to option.

  • Upload several images at one time
  • This new feature is one that we know you will love. Before you could only upload images one at a time or create a zip file to upload several at once. Well, no more. You can now select several images at once to upload without going through the hassle of creating a zip file or doing them one by one.

  • Update all first comments at one time
  • This new feature was one that several users have requested and that was the ability to add a first comment to all of your posts. You can now do this fast and easy with the Bulk Edit All First Comments.

    Social Connections on Agency Dashboard

    We wanted to make it easier for Agency owners when it comes to knowing which of their social accounts are connected.

    In the past, to see what accounts are connected, you would have to log in to each and every account and click into the Social Connections area to see what was connected and what wasn't. We wanted to make this much easier and we made that happen with this new feature.

    Now to see which of your locations are connected you can simply log into your account, and from the dashboard, you can quickly see which of your clients have their social accounts connected with one glace. If the accounts are connected the icon will be in color. If they are not connected the icon will be grayed out. This had made checking your account connectivity fast and easy.

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