Claim a Social Pack from the Market Place

Download the Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: 

Click on Content from the left sidebar. 

There are 3 subcategories under Content: 

  1. Market Place is where all of the available social packs are located. 
  2. Purchased Buckets are any social pack that you have claimed from the Market Place. 
  3. Your Buckets is where your created content (social packs) are located and your schedule will pull from. 

Step 2: 

Click on Market Place. 

Step 3: 

Find the Social Pack that best fits your business needs.  Then choose Click Here for Details. 

Step 4: 

Then you will claim the pack.  This will place the Social Pack into your Purchased Buckets.


Step 5: 

Click on Purchased Buckets

Step 6: 

Choose to Create a Bucket.  You will select the one that says Ignore Scheduling. 

(Preserve Scheduling is for date-specific content like Holidays)

Step 7: 

Now you will name your bucket whatever you want.  You can also randomize the bucket, which means to shuffle the content.  And then hit save changes when you are done. 

You can also choose to edit the captions that will show with your image.  Or you can choose to delete posts that don’t fit your needs.  

Step 8: 

Click on Your Buckets. 

Step 9: 

Now the content pack you chose is in your buckets and ready to be scheduled.