Connect to Instagram

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Instagram only allows for one account to be connected to Social Rotation per account holder, you will want to have your clients log into their Social Rotation account and have them connect their Instagram account.  We will walk you through how to set that up below.  


The first thing that you have to be sure is that the Instagram Account is a Business Account (also known as a Professional Account). 


To determine if the account is a personal or a business account have your client log into their Instagram account from either their phone or their desktop. 

From the Phone

1 Log into the Instagram app

2. Select the Main Menu in the right top right corner of your profile

3. Tap settings

4. Select Account

5. At the bottom it will either say switch to a personal account or switch to a professional account.  If it says personal you are good to go, if it says switch to a professional account you will need to do that.

A.  Tap Switch to Professional Account                  

B. Select Switch to a Professional Account

C.  Select the category that best fits your business

D. Choose Business

E. Review your Contact Information and click Next

F. Connect your Facebook Business Page

G. Tap Next

From the Computer

1 Log into Instagram from a desktop computer

2. Click on your profile in the upper right hand corner

3. Select Settings

4. If it says switch to a personal account at the bottom you are currently a Professional account. (see image below)

5. If not you will want to switch to a Professional account. 


A. Click Switch to a Professional Account

B. Select Business

C. Click Next 

D. Select the Category that best describes your business

E. Fill in your Contact Details or choose not to share contact details

F. Now your Instagram account has been switched to a Professional Account.  But we still need to connect that account to our Facebook Page.

Connect your Instagram Professional Account to your Facebook Page

1 Log into Facebook and go to your Facebook Page

2. Select Settings

3. Select Instagram

4. Under Add Instagram Business Tools select the Switch Now Button

5. Select Continue

6. Select Continue

7. Select Continue

8. Select the account you wish to continue with.  If it’s not the correct account click on switch accounts

9. Success you have switched it to a Professional account

Connect Instagram in Social Rotation

Now we need to have our clients log into their Social Rotation account.  We recommend doing this step together via a zoom call or in person.

1 Log into their Social Rotation Account

2. Click on Admin

3. Click on Social Networks

4. If Facebook is currently connected you will need to disconnect

5. Select Connect 

6. Select to Continue or log into a different account if that is not the profile that is connected to the Business Page

7. Select the Business Page from the drop-down menu then select Connect Business

8. Then move the Instagram toggle over to Yes