Create a Custom Bucket

Download the Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: 

Click on Content from the left sidebar. 

Then click on Agency Buckets from the dropdown.

Step 2: 

Click on the Create Content Bucket  button

Step 3: 

Name your bucket and give it a description. 

Step 4: 

From here you will name your file, choose which location you want to give access to, and upload a front image (what the clients will see in their Prebuilt Buckets).  

And then we will add images to our bucket.  You can do these one at a time or you can gather several together and upload them as a zip file.  

Let’s go through each. 

A. Individual Image Upload

Click on Choose Individual File to upload the image of your choice and hit Save Changes.  

The image needs to be 940 x 788 and it will need to have the upper right-hand corner of the image clear of any graphic or text so that the watermarked logo shows up correctly.  

Once your image has been added you can then edit the caption that goes with the image by click on the Edit button. 


B. Upload Zipped Pack of Images

In order to upload several images at one time, you will need to create a CSV (Comma Separated Value) document.  You can access our Google Sheet Template here

The first thing you will need to do is make a copy of the template to use as your own. 

The first tab of the Google Sheet is the instruction sheet.  From this page you can see what each and every spot on the google sheet does. 

You will want to click on one of the other two tabs, sample CSV or date based CSV.  

Let’s start with the Sample CSV file. 

Sample CSV File

In column A you will place the name of your image.  If we are using the image that I uploaded above,  the name I would place in Column A would be EXAMPLE POST.png. 

In column B I would add the caption I want to put with the post.  

In columns F,G,H and I, I would write the word TRUE for the social accounts I want to post to. 

F- Facebook

G- Twitter

H- Linked In

I- Google My Business

Date Based CSV

You will follow all of the rules from the Sample CSV page but you will add in a date and time as well. 

Column C you will date your date in this format 2020-01-02 (year/month/day) 

in Column D you will add your time in military time format:  for 2 pm it would say 14:00:00 PM. 

After you have filled out your CSV document you will want to click on File. Click on Download. Click on Comma Separated Value (CSV). 

After you have downloaded your CSV file you will want to combine your images and the CSV file into one folder.  Then you will compress the file to a zip file. 

Upload that file to the Add Zipped Package area then hit Save.