Create a Paying Subscription for Clients

Download the Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: 

Click on White Label Settings from the sidebar. 

And then click on Subscriptions. 


Step 2: 

Click on the Create Subscription Plan Button 

Step 3: 

  1. Name this subscription plan 
  2. Set a price for this subscription plan
  3. Set a trial period if you would like, or leave it set at 0
  4. Set a trail price if you would like, or leave it set at 0
  5. Choose your Currency (USD, EUR or GBP) 
  6. You can connect a Zapier integration if you have one 
  7. Choose how often you will bill your clients (Monthly, Annually or Lifetime)

Step 4: 

You have the option of changing some aspects of your sales page like the left panel background color, right panel background color, and your offset button color. 


Check the visible box. 


And if you would like to include your own custom bullet points on the sales page, click the box and then add in the bullets you would like to include. 


Then hit the save button.

Step 5: 

Now that you have successfully created a paying subscription plan we can check to see what the page looks like.  Click on the Sales Page URL.  You can also edit or delete your subscription plan by clicking on the action button.

This is what our sales page will look like

After your client feels out this form they will be taken to the next page to add their payment details.