[July 9, 2021] Added Features: Design on Canva from your Dashboard

We are thrilled to bring you our latest feature.  

As of today, you can design in Canva right from your Dashboard.  

You will find the design on Canva right on your dashboard. 

1. Log into your Location and you will see the purple Design on Canva button.

2. If you are not already signed into Canva it will ask you to log in. 
3. Choose a template to edit or design from scratch
4. Once you are done editing your post, click the publish button in the upper right hand corner. 
5. Once your design is in your dashboard, add your caption, choose if you want to add it to a bucket, choose which network that you want to post your image to, choose if you want to watermark this image and then either schedule the post or post it now.  
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