[September 14, 2021] Updated Features: First Comment, Giphy & Post Now Updates

We have recently updated our post now section of the location dashboard.  

Posting now has never looked cleaner or been more easy to use.  Check out the video below to see exactly how to use the new area. 


First Comment

You now have the option of creating the first comment for any of your social posts before you event send them out.  This is a great place to add in any links you would want.  

You can do that in a couple of areas A) Edit Your Content Bucket or B) In the Post Now Section.


A) Edit Your Content Bucket

1. Log into your Location 

2. Click on Content and then Your Buckets

3. Click on Action and then Edit.

4. Click on the Edit button below the content you are wanting to add your first comment to.

5. Add in your first comment in the first comment section.  

B) Add First Comment in the Post Now Section

1. Log into your Location. 

2. From the Post now section you can choose one of 4 options.

        A. Upload a file

        B. Choose a File from an existing bucket

        C. Choose a Giphy 

        D. Create a Design in Canva 

3. Once you have an image or gif you will then have the option of adding a caption and the first comment.  

Now Post Gifs

From the new Post Now area of the dashboard, you can now search gifs through Giphy and post them to your social accounts.  

1. From the Post Now Section click on the Giphy logo

2. Type in the search bar type in what type of gif you are looking for and then hit the search button

3. Once you have chosen a gif you will then be able to write a caption, a first comment, choose which social platform you want to post to and then either Post the gif now or schedule it for a later date. 


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